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Chapter 1: Big Date

It was a warm, sunny day in the glade of dreams. The teensies had left their dwellings to sunbathe on the beach, the fairies were meditating, and the lums were not really doing anything. Deep in the forest glade, Rayman was fast asleep in his hammock, dreaming about nothing in particular. This was probably the third nap he had taken that day, seeing as the peaceful glade was safe and...well...peaceful. Suddenly, there was a sound. It started out small, and began to grow, until...

"RAYMAN!! RAYMAN!!!" Shouted Globox. He ran over to the hammock and prodded it. The only response was a snore.

"Aw, come on Rayman," said Globox. "Wake up!"

He started to shake the tree that held up one side of the hammock. Slowly, but surely, the hammock untied, until finally it ripped, dumping Rayman onto the soft, uncomfortably muddy ground.

Rayman groaned sleepily. "What is it?" he said, and then noticed that Globox was holding a bouquet of flowers.
"Aw Globox, for me? You're too kind, but don't you have a wife you could give those to?"

"They are for Uglette," said Globox. "You think I would wake you up just for that?"

"Maybe," said Rayman, yawning. "So what is it that you want?"

"I might be going out on a date tonight," said Globox.


"Yeah. But I'm not sure if she'll say yes."

"Why not?" said Rayman. "You're her husband."

"Yes," Globox said. "But we haven't had a date since before we got married. She would never leave our children."

Rayman stood up and began tying the hammock back on to the tree.

"Then you should get a babysitter," he said.

"That's what I came to talk to you about," said Globox.

Rayman stopped and gave him a strange look.


"I want you to babysit our children," Globox said, smiling.

"All of them?"

"All 650, yep."

Rayman gulped. He knew that Globox and Uglette had a lot of children, but he had never spend much time with them.
"Oh well," he thought. "If Uglette and Globox can do it, It shouldn't be too hard."

"Rayman?" said Globox, "You okay?"

"Huh?" said Rayman, not realizing that he had been staring awkwardly at Globlox. "Oh, sure. I'm fine. Yep. Count me in!"


A few minutes later, Rayman and Globox were standing at the front door of Globox's enormous tree house. Globox was shuffling his feet nervously, and Rayman was wondering how many beds were in the house total.

"Alright," said Globox. "Here goes something."

He knocked on the door three times, and rang the doorbell, too, just in case. Slowly, the door opened.

"Who's there?" called a voice.

"Your honey's home," announced Globox proudly.

Uglette extended a pink arm out of doorway. She grabbed on to Globlox, yanked him inside, and slammed the door, leaving Rayman stupefied and wondering what the heck just happened. Rayman put to the door and listened. Strange kissing noises, hugging noises, and "mmm" noises came from within.

"Ho boy," muttered Rayman. "If this is what being married is like, I'll never do it."

Finally, after a couple minutes, audible words could be heard.

"A date? Tonight?"
"A romantic getaway to the island of Love, my dear."

Rayman rolled his eyes.

"But what about the childern?"
"Don't worry, my love, I've found a babysitter."
"Um, I think he's still outside."
"Oh! Well, in that case..."

Suddenly, the door flew open again, and Rayman felt himself being yanked into the air, coming down to the ground with as soft "thump".

"Oh, hello, Rayman," said Uglette. "I didn't see you there. Thank you soo much for offering to babysit my children."

"No problem," said Rayman, rubbing his head.

"Does this mean we're going?" Globox said hopefully.

"Of course it does!" said Uglette. "Rayman, come over here."

Rayman stood up and followed Uglette to a corner of the house, where a desk sat. Uglette rummaged through the drawers, and, after a few moments, pulled out a folded envelope.

"This is the children's evening schedule," she said, and handed the envelope to Rayman.

Rayman opened up the envelope and pulled out a small note inside it. He began to unfold it...and unfold it...and unfold it...until finally the end of the note was curled at his feet.

"I hope it's not too much for you to handle," said Uglette.

"No,no," said Rayman as he struggled to roll it back up. "No trouble at all."

To be continued...
First chapter of a quick little fanfic of mine. More to come.
surprisethedeer Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
this is so AWSOME! o3o I really like this story your going with and the detailed actions of the charaters I can't wait to hear more of the story :D
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